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Founded in 1991 by Sylvie and Michael Sullivan and later joined by Ed Biggins, Nicholas Griffin, Chuck Morris, Bruce Flatow, Justin Gallen, Val Cipollone and Arnie Plowe, Beaune Imports is a small, family run wine importer. Our team is dedicated to bringing you some of the most interesting wines of France and Spain. We have kept our portfolio and distribution very selective, choosing to limit our scope in order to ensure that we are both buying from and selling to people that are passionate about wine.


How many times have you opened a bottle of wine, finding it delicious initially, only to lose interest in it midway through and cast it aside in search of something more intriguing? This, we believe, happens all too often, and is the result of winemakers following a recipe that they think will please a few influential journalists and make their lives a lot easier. Whereas this approach to winemaking can produce a product that is delicious, we believe that the discriminating wine consumer will inevitably tire of it. Only when a wine shows something beyond its delicious taste, will the experienced taster keep coming back for another sip. This something else, we believe, is a wineís sense of place. In other words, what is the wine saying of where it is grown which is unique to that place? The French call this terroir. We have yet to come up with a better word in English for this phenomenon.

Beaune Importsí goal is to bring you unique wines that will take you on a journey back to where they were made. Our emphasis is on finding wines made by passionate artisans whose respect for the health of their vineyards as well as the winemaking traditions of their region are obvious when tasting their wine. We believe that a great wine doesnít have to be a huge wine. Huge wines win blind tastings, but we are more interested in your finding one of our wines delicious with your dinner than getting the highest score in the latest edition of a wine magazine.

It is not by accident that many of our producers farm organically and that all are minimalist when it comes to intervening in their vineyards or cellars. Wines produced in this manner tend to be the ones we reach for. We reach for them because they show more spark, more life and more character than those that are produced by the latest international recipe winner. In order to successfully farm organically or even to eliminate toxic herbicides from the vineyard regimen, the winegrower must plow his vineyards. This in turn forces the roots to seek nourishment much lower, often into bedrock. We believe that plowing the vineyards is one of the single most important things that a winegrower can do to produce wines with character because the subsoil components provide far more interesting flavors than the topsoil. Over the years we have discovered from talking with some of the greatest winemakers in France (including many that we donít import) that this is probably the one common denominator amongst them. Now, the first question that we ask a potential supplier is "do you plow your vineyards?"

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