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Tre Monti (Organic)

Region: Italy

White Wine
2016 Albana di Romagna, Vigna Rocca
2017 Rubicone IGT Bianco Keg (1 x 20L)
2017 Albana di Romagna, Vitalba in Anfora (6 x 750ml)

Red Wine
2017 Rubicone IGT Sangiovese Keg (1 x 20L)
2017 Sangiovese di Romagna, Campo di Mezzo
2015 Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore Riserva, Thea (6 x 750ml)

2017 Sangiovese Rosato Rubicone, Poche Ore

Sparkling Wine
2017 Pignoletto Frizzante, Doppio
2016 Pignoletto Frizzante Bianco Keg (1 x 20L)
2018 DALBANA, Vino Frizzante

This 30 hectare estate located in the hills of Imola over-looking the Romagna plain specializes in the the three local varietals; Albana, Trebbiano & Sangiovese. The viticulture here is currently sustainable while the estate is incorporating biodynamic principles more and more. Soil types are mainly sandy clay with small pebbles, which seem to be ideal for producing the crisp mineral white wines that this estate is known for. Cool nights and hot days are ideal for ripening both the Albana and Trebbiano vineyards.

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