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Comporrobles vineyard


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Ananto-Sierra Norte (Organic)

Region: Spain

White Wine
2016 Ananto Blanco, Utiel-Requena

Red Wine
2016 Ananto Tinto, Utiel-Requena

2016 Ananto Rosado, Utiel-Requena

It was in 1914 that two brothers, grandfathers of the current owners of Sierra Norte decided, for reasons known only to themselves, to convert .8 hectares of land in Camporrobles from cereal to grape growing. It's true, that the region had already become known for grape growing in the 19th century due to the shortage of wine in France caused first by oidium and later by the phylloxera root louse, but they were the first in their village to plant the Bobal grape. The soils in this area are dark in color, but rich in limestone content making them ideal for growing grapes. Located in a mid-level plateau at close to 3000 feet in altitude, the vines are protected from the sometimes extreme heat of the lower altitude sites.

In 1954, the sons of the founders began planting Tempranillo as well as Bobal but they were still not making their own wine, preferring the traditional system, still very much in effect, where growers sold their grapes to wineries to make the wine. During the 1970s, as demand increased, the family began planting still other varietals (Macabeu, Cabernet-Sauvignon) and in the 1980s, they began looking at the environmental impact of conventional grape growing, opting for organic viticulture in 1985. In 1999, the current owners, grandchildren of the founders, decided to build a winery and begin production of wine from their own vineyards which happened the following year. At this time, all of their vineyards were certified organic and the first harvest happened in the fall of 2000.

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