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Callol I Serrats, L'Escala Anchovies

Region: Spain-Anchovies

Glass Jars
L'Escala Small Anchovies in Pure Olive Oil, 16-17 filets (12 x 100g)
L'Escala Large Anchovies in Pure Olive Oil, 45-47 filets (12 x 400g)
L'Escala Medium Boquerones, Anchovies in White Vinegar (12 x 150g)

Plastic Tubs
L'Escala Medium Anchovies in Pure Olive Oil, 150 filets (1 x 870g)

The ancient Greeks were the first to begin fishing for and preserving anchovies along the Costa Brava, north of Barcelona in Empúries located just a few kilometers from L’Escala in the Catalonia, Spain. During the last couple centuries, L’Escala anchovies have become the most prized in Spain and probably the world. Callol I Serrats has been preserving anchovies in L’Escala since 1847. This family run business selects the best anchovies available from either the local Mediterranean fleet or from the Cantabrian fleet on the Bay of Biscay where the fish is highly prized as well. Entirely processed by hand, the fish are cleaned and preserved in the finest salt for 3-6 months, after which time they are de-salted and fileted before being packed in pure olive oil. The magic that makes L’Escala anchovies like no others lies in this process. This product is one of the most prized of Catalonia, and is served in virtually every restaurant and home in the region.

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