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Zuazo Gaston

Region: Spain

White Wine
2014 Rioja

Located in the little village of Oyón (Alava), Bodegas Zuazo Gaston is a family winery owned and managed by Prudencio Zuazo Gaston, where artisan quality wines are produced using family-owned vineyards and state-of-the-art facilities. The Zuazo Gaston family have been grape growers in the Rioja for hundreds of years following the age-old practice of selling off their grapes to the large wine houses. In 2001 Prudencio founded his winery in Oyón with the goal of producing wine from only the best grapes of the estate. He still sells off a sizable portion of the production, but keeps the best for himself. Their vineyards encompass 50 hectares of calcereous clay soil where they cultivate Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano grape varieties. The vines are an average age of 30 years, and are located about 450 meters above sea level, taking advantage of a good orientation and long, sunny days. Yields are controlled to about 4,000 kilograms/hectare. In walking the vineyards with Prudencio, it was clear that this dynamo's love for his vineyards would translate through the wines. We were not disappointed. Even the young wines show excellent fruit definition and terroir that is rare in this area where oak is king. New oak levels are limited to 25% and that is split equally between French and American. Zuazo Gaston only produces red wines. Their total production is limited to 200,000 bottles per year, thus allowing an optimal quality level for each wine produced.

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