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Producer: G.D. Vajra (Non-Certified Organically Grown Grapes)
Region: Italy
Wine: 2013 Barolo, Bricco delle Viole

Bricco delle Viole, in the commune of Barolo, is a magical vineyard that rises gently up to the highest ridge in the area.  This higher elevation allows a long, steady maturation cycle for the grapes to set in during the summer reaching its magical point in the autumn when the vineyard rises above the cool mist that settles into the lower elevations.  Added phenolic ripeness is thus attained providing the perfect balance between alcohol, acidity and tannins.  The wine is powerful, but always in a velvet glove and very elegant.

Ruby red in color, the nose shows classic Nebbiolo hints of orange and violets and subtle berry notes.  In the mouth, it exudes cherry and dark berry flavors melded with noble acidity and well-ripened fine tannins.  Very long on the palate, it provides a long-lasting, rich sensation of floral and fruit notes.

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