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Producer: G.D. Vajra (Non-Certified Organically Grown Grapes)
Region: Italy
Wine: NV Barolo Chinato 85% Barolo, 15% aromatic plant & spice infusions

Historically Chinato was served as a digestive towards the end of a long and festive meal and its tonic properties were highly regarded. While most every producer in Barolo produces Chinato, every family's recipe is different. Vajra uses young vintage DOCG Barolo blended with infusions of at least thirty herbs, zests and plant roots. The selection of these plants is inspired by Piedmont's proximity to the Alps as well as their digestive, decongestant and relaxing properties. The addition of Cinchona Calisaya bark (the natural source of quinine), organic Sicilian orange zest and raw cane sugar complete the process.

Dark ruby red in color, it possesses the bright crisp fruit aromas true to its Barolo pedigree with notes of orange zest and mountain herbs. The classic bitter edge on the palate is delicious and persistent.

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