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Producer: G.D. Vajra (Non-Certified Organically Grown Grapes)
Region: Italy
Wine: 2015 Langhe Freisa DOC Kye

Freisa is an ancient grape varietal that has never been cloned. In other words, the grapes are exactly as they were in centuries past, which is not what we can say about other varietals. A distant relative of Nebbiolo, it shares the same crisp acidity and tannic structure. Aldo Vaira planted his first massal selection vines of Freisa in the 1970s and is considered one of the saviors of the varietal.

Deep ruby red color jumps out at you. The nose shows herbal notes, rose petals, red berries and tobacco. The full-bodied mouth feel is nicely balanced by crisp acidity. The finish is long and persistent with some spice notes.

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