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Producer: Val'Frison (Organic)
Region: Champagne
Wine: NV Champagne, Brut Nature Portlandia

75% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay. 100% indigenous yeasts.

From one small plot of vines complantÚs, meaning that the grapes are harvested and pressed together on the same date. This requires a balancing act on the part of the vigneron(ne), who must weigh the pros and cons of harvesting for ripeness, acidity and overall balance as these two varietals normally ripen a few days apart. The soil here is predominantly Portlandian, which means that the chalky bedrock presents itself in large sheets and the topsoil is extremely rocky.

Slight toasty notes and citrus are present in the nose which lead into a wine with good richness but laser-like precision. High acidity and no dosage make for a vinous texture and great length.

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