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Producer: Georges Laval (Organic)
Region: Champagne
Wine: NV Champagne, Extra Brut Garennes

Base wine: 40% Meunier de Chambrecy 2015 fermented and aged in neutral barrels until blending with the following reserve wines. Bottled in the spring of 2016.

Reserve wines:
5% Pinot Noir de Cumières 2011
30% Meunier de Cumières 2013
5% Chardonnay de Cumières 2014
20% Meunier de Cumières 2014

Dosage: 2 grams/liter

A few years back, Vincent Laval told us about his taking over some additional family vineyards on the Montagne de Reims. The wine from these vines now make up the base wine of this much-awaited cuvée.

Notes of minerals, pear and citrus in the nose lead into a wine with gorgeous balance and persistence. The sophisticated balance between precise mineral precision and fleshy texture make this a wine with few precedents in our experience.

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