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Producer: Eric Bordelet (Biodynamic)
Region: Ciders
Wine: 2018 Cormé

Produced from 8 different varieties of the small crabapple-like cormier tree fruit (Sorbus Domestica), sometimes called "Service" or "Sorb" tree. In the Rosaceae family (rose, apple, pear, quince, etc.), this tree can be found wild throughout western Europe but in the Mayenne region of France in particular. Cormé was produced and consumed in large quantities by working class folk at least since the 15th century and was fairly common until the 1950s when industrial apple and pear cider became the drink of choice.

Hand harvested, the fruit is pressed and fermented leaving 3% residual sugar before bottling.

Eric Bordelet has truly upped his game with this unique cider. The nose is fresh, floral and somewhat honeyed with delicate notes of pear & apple, but so much more. We are definitely in the realm of fine wine here with true finesse and grace in the aromatics and balance of this unique beverage. Crisp, full and persistent on the palate with a subtle mineral vein and wonderfully complex.

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