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Producer: Domaine Roland Schmitt (Organic)
Region: Alsace
Wine: 2016 Riesling Glintzberg

The Glintzberg vineyard butts up against the Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergbieten vineyard. The soils are identical with the only difference being that the Grand Cru vineyard is exposed more ideally to the southeast while the Glintzberg vineyard is exposed east. There are very few winemakers in Alsace who still produce classic dry riesling because off dry wines win blind tastings. Sweet wines, however, are not always what one wants with dinner.

The nose has some mineral notes as well as melons and citrus. The attack in the mouth is thoroughly refreshing with zesty minerality and good acidity. A firm mineral streak runs through to the end of a very long finish while the wine is coated with a nice rich texture.

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